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The Dell Latitude was released in November 2011. It weighs roughly 2 pounds, and was originally designed for on-the-go business. It's a thin black tablet that can be identified by the big silver Dell logo on the back.

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Dell Latitude ST 10 won't power on, any ideas?

My Dell Latitude ST 10 won't power on, any ideas?

I've already tried replacing the charging cable and the battery - still nothing

According to a Dell representative the problem is the charging port on the tablet which is soldered onto the motherboard and requires replacing the entire mother board to fix. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and if you were able to successfully replace the motherboard. If so, some procedures would be greatly appreciated. A Link to a website to purchase the motherboard would be helpful

Thank you


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el puerto de carga no esta soldado a la placa base

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