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2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Password request keeps repeating after reset

Customer could not get into machine with his password. He attempted a 10.6.3 system installation and did not finish.

I used a retail 10.6.3 disk and reset the password. Then reinstalled the system. The machine boots up to the log in screen, takes the password, the screen goes to blue then back to the login screen again. I've seen this before but forgot how to fix it. I used the DVD again and reset the password again, same thing. Zapped the PRAM. I don't think this is an EFI issue. I don't want to save data and wipe the drive unless I have to. Does anyone remember how to fix this issue?


Dan, I removed the battery, disconnected the PRAM battery. Changed the RAM configuration. Let it sit overnight. Zapped the PRAM again, started both in Safe Mode and regularly. Got the same results. Login screen comes up,I enter the password, screen goes to blue then the login comes back up with no error messages. I've run Disk Utilities from the DVD with no problems. I'm stuck. Any ideas?

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Did you try pulling the PRAM battery and the main batt letting the system sit for a few hours or holding the power button for a good minute.


Dan, I'll give it a shot.


Sorry Mayer was out tonight at a community meeting. Have you tried booting up under an external drive with the same results? I was thinking it was something held in the PRAM that is messed up which is why I was thinking killing it would do the trick. Guess that failed ;-{


I'll give that a try next (the external), right now it's in Target mode and Disk Utilities reports no problems but I can't run permissions on it. Additionally there is a second user that is more current. But that user did not show up when changing the password nor on boot. I'll back the drive up tonight. But I'll try an external 10.6.8 just to see if it works.


Works with an external.


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I ended up backing up the data (drag and drop) via external adapter after removing drive. Wiped the drive and zeroed it out. Formatted, installed 10.10, only the user folder would not move back. It locked the machine up that I had archived it to.

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