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Samsung's fitness-oriented smartwatch, featuring a curved super AMOLED touchscreen display. First released in April 2014.

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gear fit won't turn on,

ive held down the button, ive charged it, i disconnected bluetooth,i did not drop it, and still nothing but a black screen. ive had this for 3mos so i know the battery should be fine and all the connections are clean.

any other suggestions?

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it does vibrate when i hold the button down, but thats it.


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I've had something like this happen in the past. It should just need a reset, if you haven't tried that already. Plug it into the charging cradle and hold the home button for 7-10 seconds to reset it. Turn the bluetooth connection off from your phone while the Fit is off. When the Fit restarts, you should be able to turn bluetooth back on and reconnect it.

If you have tried a full reset, then I'm sorry.. no other ideas. I wish you luck.

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