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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Can the RAM be increased to over 4GB?

Can the 2 GB / PC2-6400 800MHz chips be replaced by a higher memory chip?

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Yes, it can be done. I own an i-mac intel 20" 2210, and

I have managed to increase the RAM to 8 GB using two 4GB modules

manufactured by Patriot (Patriot Signature Series) part# psd24g8002s.

I am not sure if other modules by other manufacturers would work the


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It depends--according to Mactracker a 2007 will take 4--a 2008 will take 6 and a 2009 will take 8. A 2006 model is limited to 2GB. Ralph


Thanks for the responses. The August Macworld lists the "actual" upgrade for any EMC 2210 as being 6 GB, though I have found no lead to confirm this, or to obtain such a chip. Since my model is a 2007 iMac, I may be out of luck. IAC, tomorrow, I'll call Patriot and see what they have to say.

Aguaybana—Do you know if your iMac is actually able to use all 8 GB?


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According to OWC, the 2133 (mid-late 2007) will accept 6 Gb; 4 in the right bank and 2 in the left. I have installed this and it is recognized by the machine when selecting "about this mac".

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It will actually only will accept only 6 g. I tried 8g and it recognized it

But the computer slow down significantly.

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did you ask for help from an friend or expert, who knew of some terminal commands or.... can we add lines to firmware?

Please for give my layman status-

I ask because when I first saw a videos of this some guys had luck getting there boards read,

They had to enter id numbers or perimeters somewhere. Some had mixed luck just like this page. It was years ago Or I would find a link.


That was when Crucial first became well Known 4 yrs ago? I have a mid 2010 That has up to 8 gigs, almost no one claimed success with any links or details.

sorry so chatty...

I want to gather cameras from my old computers and make videos if I see crimes in street or for family or friends homes and not be ID as a video recording suspect.

I know the quality may be low but with 3 or cams placed around I might get something.

thank for making a report..!


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