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The fifth Google Nexus phone. Officially announced on October 31, 2013, it sports a 4.95" 1080p display, a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon processor, and LTE support. Powered by Android 4.4.2, KITKAT. Manufactured by LG.

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Connected and responsive, but not charging. "0%, not charging"

I'm fixing this Nexus 5 right now, and I've tried everything. I've replaced the charging flex cable, but that wasn't the problem. I've cleaned every component with isopropyl thingy. Still no result. The telephone shuts off immidiatly if i unplug the AC adapter. I've tried checking the voltage on the battery input on the motherboard, and it was 4,30V. Is that correct? And now I'm stuck, I have no solution on my mind and that's why I'm asking you!

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I have a S9+ and it is completely dry but it won't charge, it says there is moisture inside, I tried data reset. Restart. Rice and everything. So I hope you can help.


I've your same problem, i ve changed battery, charging port but they are not the problem. Probably is motherboard , but it costs a lot. Do you have any solution?


my phone says 0 percent why?


My phone stays at the same percentage and when i power it on thebattery oes down but when the phone is off it charge reall slow i charge da phone at 9:30pm and it 12:56 and the battery is till at 0%


I'm having this issue now with S9. We were without power after a storm that lasted for awhile. I had plugged my phone up in car and the car charger blew a fuse and then this started the next day. I don't know if that could have caused this or not. It also had just done an auto update. Plugged in, it stays at zero and vibrates every so often. I've changed boxes, cords, tried different plugs, cleaned it, and I did get it in recovery mode and wiped the cache abd rebooted. I can get it in safe mode but it dies as soon as I'm there. When I did get it in safe mode, that was when it beeped and claimed moisture was detected. Its not got wet but I left it in rice just incase over night which didn't help. I've not done the factory reset yet as I have pics on it but I'm seeing I'm running our of stuff to try. If anyone has info on this now I'd appreciate it


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Step 1: Clean and use the original charger/power adapter.

Different chargers deliver different amounts of power. Overcharging or undercharging the device can cause it to charge slowly (or not at all) or even damage the battery and charging abilities of the device. If you're not using the original charger, these troubleshooting steps may not resolve the issue.

Check and blow into the device's power port to remove any lint or dust that may be preventing the device from charging properly.

Step 2: Plug the device into a working wall outlet.

Step 3: Depending on the state of your device, do either (A) or (B) below:

(A) If your device turns on and has enough charge to current stay on, check for the latest Android OS and restart your device.

Go to 'Settings' > scroll down to 'System' > click 'About phone' (or tablet) > click 'System updates.'

Let device update and restart. If your device is up to date, manually power the device off and then back on.

If your device isn't charging after powering the device on, go to the Step 4.

(B) If your device shows the low battery/charge icon when you try to start your device, go through the Android boot loader to get the device to charge. With the device turned off and based on your device, do the following:

Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.

The device should load a boot loader screen with a picture of an Android and the word 'Start' with highlight around it.

Use the volume buttons to cycle through the options until you see 'Power off.' Then press the power button on the device to select the 'Power off' option.

Unplug the device and quickly (within 10 seconds) plug it back in. The device should charge normally.

If after one minute your device isn't charging, go to Step 4.

Step 4: Other Troubleshooting.

Try charging through a different power outlet.

If possible, try charging through a computer using the USB cable.

If possible, try charging through a different adapter.

If possible, try charging a different device (tablet, phone, or Bluetooth) to see if the charger works.

I know you mentioned that you have to hold your cable at a certain angle for it to charge. If the charging port feels loose, please reply back.

Step 5: Factory Data Reset

The reset will erase all your personal data, so please back up any information you want to keep.

Here are directions on how to backup your personal content from your device:

How do I backup my Google Account?

Google accounts do not need to be backed up.

When prompted to log in, simply use your Google username and password.

How do I backup my app data, WiFi passwords, and other settings?

1. Go into Settings and then Backup & reset.

2. In Backup & reset:

o Make sure 'Backup my data' is checked.

o Make sure 'Back up account' lists your email address.

o Make sure 'Automatic restore' is checked.

3. Complete.

How do I backup my Pictures and Videos?

1. Download the Google Drive app.

2. Once downloaded, start the Google Drive app.

o Sign into your Google account.

o Accept the terms and conditions on the app.

3. Go into the Gallery app (photos and video):

o Touch the folder that has media they wish to save.

o Select the photos and videos you wish to save:

§ You can do this by touching the 'three vertical boxes' on the upper right and touch 'Select item' and then touch the photos and videos you wish to save.

o After all the media is selected, click on the 'share icon' (located to the left of the trash can):

§ Touch 'See more' and then touch 'Drive'.

o A screen will appear that shows you what you selected and your email address as well as the Google Drive folder that the files will upload to:

§ If you would like to change or create a new folder, touch 'my drive' and on the upper right touch the 'plus folder' icon which will create a new folder name.

o Touch 'Ok' and the selected media files will be uploaded to (and later can be retrieved from) Google Drive.

How do I backup my downloaded apps?

1. Your downloaded apps are tied to the Google Account that they used to purchase/download the apps.

2. Your In-App purchases may be lost (examples: coins, add-ons) and In-App progress may be lost (game progress). This depends on the developer of the App.

3. After performing a Factory Data Reset, some of your previously installed apps will re-download again automatically while others will need to be manually installed:

o You will not need to pay again for paid apps.

o App data and settings are saved via the instructions above (How do I backup my app data, WiFi passwords, and other settings).

How do I backup my music?

Personal side loaded music:

This music will be lost during the Factory Data Reset process.

To prevent this issue you can use "Music Manager" on your computer to upload your music to your Google Play Music Library.

Once uploaded, the music available and retrievable via the Google Play Music app.

Music purchased from (and uploaded to) Google Play Music:

This music is already synced with Google Play Music and can easily be restored later through the Google Play Music app.

After you have backed up all of your personal content, do the following to perform a factory data reset on your device:

1. Go to 'Settings > Backup & reset.'

2. Press Factory Data Reset.

3. Press Reset

After the factory data reset is complete and your device reboots, sign into your device using the same primary Google account you used to sync your purchased apps and other content.

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Thanks good sir. The option of entering the boot loader and shutting it down worked for me. I don't really understand what was causing it to not charge.


Dear Rohan,

Step 3, option B worked for me, thanks for sharing. Saved me from buying a new phone!


hey so basically my phone is not working i plauged the charging in a different place and a different charger when i turned it on it was 0% even when its pluged charge i restarted it and even did the hold power and volume up and down but still the phone did not charge please help


I have Samsung S7 which refuses to charge even though it shows as charging. I have similar problem that my charger has to be held into the phone port. I have tried all of the above except factory reset as i am technology dunce and dont understand back up and clouds!!! Another reason am loathe to get a new phone as dont want to lose anything.


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Hi have a nexus 5 also, decided to change battery for new one, put new one in when i would plug in would say charge for half a second then stop charging i re checked the battery connection again, and same thing stuck at 34%, i removed the battery and put back old one, everything is dandy, so i think defective battery and have to return it. Old battery is 1 year old and wanted fresh new one.

hope this helps

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This worked. Thanks.


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I read your Question It cannot be fixed You have to take new one

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Yeah you need to keep going a restarting and never give up!

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Why is my phone not showing anythinck when it's on 0 battery and the charger is in

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Send it to the company to see what’s rong

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It’s not changing it say 0 remaining

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