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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How to determine what is cause of white screen on my iMac

24" iMac 2006 - A1200 EMC 2111 MA456LL

My iMac won't boot up.

Goes into white screen after apple and spinning gear.

Hard drive has been checked out by local computer repair shop as okay.

Makes all the right noises on startup before the apple and spinning gear.

Holding down option key on startup works ok. Shows the partitions on the hard disk.

Holding down shift key on startup doesn't work. Goes into white screen and stays there.

Holding down D key on startup doesn't work. Goes into white screen and stays there.

Holding down command V (verbose mode) gives a 3-4 page list.

Resetting SMC, PRAM, safe mode doesn't work.

Prior to failure didn't give any indication that video card was failing. I.e. no lines, no break up or distortion of images.

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I have exactly the issue and understand that blown capacitors may cause such problems. However; not being familiar with disassembly of this particular iMac, I'm not sure how to "Take the back off". I've got the bezel and screen off. I've also checked that the power supply caps are fine. I assume the remaining caps to be examined are on the hidden side of the main circuit board. Just not sure how to access them for inspection. The internals seem to be mounted on a frame, but I've no idea which screws to remove to permit access to the other side of the main board.


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Take the front bezel off and inspect the capacitors for leakage and/or swelling.

iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 Front Bezel Replacement

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Are the capacitors to which you are referring part of the power supply or on the logic board?


When you say "take the back off", is there a set of instructions for doing this?

I have the unit open and the display removed. It appears that the internals are mounted on a frame that should be able to be detached from the back via a few screws. The question is which ones?


Evan - please. only make comments on something you know about. This model does not have removable glass.


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