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The 2008-2012 Ford Escape features a revised front and rear fascia and restyled LED tail lamps.

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2009 Ford Escape windshield washer not spraying?

My 2009 Ford Escape windshield washer front and back stopped working at the same time a few months ago. I haven't had a chance to look at it until last night. The reservoir is filled to the max line. There hasn't been any leakage. I tested the pumps by having the hood open, windows down, and ran the motors. I know they work because they are on the same circuit as the wipers. The wipers work, but no fluid in front or back come out? Would this be a clogged pump, reservoir dirty, or clogged lines? Thanks.

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Brian, did you find out what was causing this? I have the exact same problem. David


Brian, did you get a resolution to your problem? I'm having the same issue. Doesn't seem right that it could be the pump, since it appears there is a separate pump for front and rear.


Hey Brian,

I'm glad to hear it was a simple pump to replace.



Which pump did they replace since both front and back were not working? Or did they have to replace both??? Just curious, mine Escape is doing the same thing.


having the same problem went to local AAA car service, they first asked to sign for $99 diagnostic labor. Then after they checked waved the charge since the problem with no spraying in front and back was solved in a min by untangeling the line leading from the reservoir to the nozzles. Solved.

Before I went to this service I have excuded the bad fuse, since the windshield wipers (front & back were working), also that the pump is working by opening the window and the engine cover and listening whether the pum is working, i.e., producing a noise. So talking to the mehsnic I indicated that he needs to check for cloging, or else with the line, and he focused and found the cause very quick.


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I have a few questions for you.

1. Did you verify the pumps are working? If so check the hoses for kinks and check the nozzles for clogs. Use a pin or needle to clean the nozzles if they are clogged.

2. Do you have voltage to the pumps? You can check with a volt/amp meter.

3. Have you verified that the fuse(s) is/are not blown, If so replace and find out why the fuse blew. Look for chaffed wires. Pay close attention to wires under clamps. Sometimes the clamps can rub the insulation and cause a short.

Sometimes a fuse will blow for not apparent reason other than it's just old or all the stars have aligned perfectly to cause it to blow. I have had that happen on two occasions.

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My pump was gone. Replaced it and now both front and back work. Fuses were good. Thanks for the other suggestions. Sandra


Which pump did they replace, the front or back pump (or both). Just curious, mine does not work front or back like yours did?


only one pump for both windows.


My pump doesn't pump. Bench tests ok, wipers work, fuse 45 looks good, but there isn't power gong to the pump. Help!


I'm in the same boat I can't figgure it out. Put a new pump in still didn't work. All fuses and relays are good. I don't have power goin to the pump for some reason


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Had this on 2010 Escape. SOLVED! My rear wiper motor was fused, draining my battery. I pulled the fuse. Washer fluid pump still working… A week later I removed the bad rear wiper motor ( on the glass of the hatch), getting ready to replace it the next day. After I unplugged the power to the rear motor, MY WIPER FLUID PUMP WOULD NOT WORK. Today I just now put a new motor back in and WIPER FLUID PUMP WORKS AGAIN.

My conclusion. Nothing wrong with pump, but ground for circut must go through the back motor, ( still worked with rear wiper motor fuse out).

Sounds crazy, but true!

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I just discovered this after replacing the pump. My rear motor was draining battery also. I did this in summer and didn't notice the water not spraying. It was more important in the winter. After pump replacement, I tried reconnecting rear washer. It worked. I couldn't replace the rear motor because it requires a puller tool.

So now I'm searching for a way to jump the wires for the rear motor. I figure it is just not receiving the signal in front.

I will check my passenger side fuses though.


I followed the instructions on locating the fusebox below from Anne. It is passenger side under a cover. I unplugged 43 (Rear Wiper Logic and Heated Seats), 10 amp. Replugged rear wiper and front wipers still worked, spray and wipe.

Now to find someone with a washer puller.


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09 Tribute, both wipers work but no washer on front or back. The pump is bi directional and is fused thru the front windshield wiper fuse. If the wipers work but the pump doesn't, ether the pump is bad or the connection on the pump is corroded. Loosen the inner fender well panel, disconnect the pump and check for power in the connector when the washer button pi pressed. If you have power, clean the connections and reconnect. Does it work? If not, replace the pump.

Thanks to my Son in Law, Mike....

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I checked the pump. it is good. And I checked the fuses they are good too. there are no voltage at the connector when I switched on the pump.Now I doubt the switch has gone.


Also check if pump clogged some places that check your fluid levels top off with cheap fluid that can clog your system


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Both washers are from the same pump and ressevor

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My symptom, front windshield washer works, rear one does not.

Ford uses a common pump for both front and rear washers. There are 2 hoses coming out of the pump, one to the front washers, the other to the back washers.

Front washer - 12 Volt powers the pump to pump water to front washer.

Rear washer - reverse the voltage to the pump, reversing pump direction to pump water to the rear washer nozzle.

I have removed the pump from inside the fender well. When I connect 12 Volts to it, pumps water out one discharge port. When I reverse the voltage (and therefore reverse pump direction) it pumps water out the other discharge port. When I put the pump back in, I can operate both washers supplying external 12 Volts and reversing the connection.

My problem is the pump operates to the front windshield, however, does not operate the rear washer. It does not operate, there is no voltage present and no clogs in the water line. I can blow air through the line and it bubbles in the washer tank.

I have changed the pump, the turn signal switch that activates the front/rear pump and the rear wiper. Fuses are good for both front and rear wipers.

Obviously a wiring problem since I have changed every component in the system.

Where to start looking?

Update (03/20/23)

I got into the Ford wiring and am still frustrated.

2012 Escape, front washer works, rear washer does not.

There is only 1 pump on the washer reservoir inside the front passenger side fender.

When I operate the washer on the front, the pump operates and I can hear it while spraying water.

When I operate the washer on the rear, the pump does not operate and I cannot hear it.

Ford was innovative when they wired it.

Connect 12 VDC to the pump one way and it pumps fluid to the front, reverse the 12 VDC power at the pump, the pump runs backwards and pumps fluid to the rear washer. I proved this using a 12VDC supply connected to the washer pump.

Reverse the power connection and fluid goes the other way to the other window.

I have replaced the washer pump with no change to the symptom.

I also replaced the wiper switch on the steering column.

It appears there are relays in both the front windshield wiper motor and rear wiper motor that perform the magic of reversing the voltage at the actual washer pump.

I have now replaced both the front wiper motor and rear wiper motor twice and I still have the same problem.

Must be a wiring issue, although I cannot find the wire return from the rear wiper motor that will operates the pump in reverse to squirt water to the back washer nozzle.

Still frustrated and the back squirt nozzle does not spray water.

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Brian, you need to use a 12 volt test light before replacing parts. It could be something as simple as no ground to the circuit that runs pump in the direction to pump out the rear outlet. Obviously by hot wiring the pump in both directions proves the motor is ok. Trouble shoot the wires at pump. One direction will give power and ground to run one way, the rear pump switch will reverse polarity running the other direction. Simply figure out what you have and what you don’t at the pump connection, then figure out why.


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Where r the fuses located?

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Omg I can answer this. I have a 2009 escape. It’s on passenger side of car. To the left of your legs while you’re sitting there. On the console in center near floor. Take off that cover. Then u need to take off fuse box cover. Squeeze top and bottom of actual fusebox together by pressing tab on top and bottom and it will pop off.


what no. is the fuse?


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