White screen no chime? PLEASE HELP. Got it Dec 24, 2014.

I have a 1st generation Macbook. I got it for my birthday/Christmas. A1181.

I was using it while listening to iTunes and on Facebook. I went to take a screen shot and the screen turned white.

I have tried rebooting it. Holding the power button for 10 seconds (after I would let go it would make this really loud high pitch noise) then clicking command, shift, r, p and Alt, shift, r, p while hold the power button.

There where no chimes. It won't even make the powering up music.

I'm very stressed out because of the fact I just got this not to long ago and I really don't want my parents not trusting me with electronics.

My Macbook is refurbished. I do have a warranty but I do not want to use it unless it is necessary. (also I don't know if the warranty will cover it.)

Please help! I need my laptop for school and to be social.

Also when I shut it down I just held the power button (because I couldn't click on anything) and my music was still playing. I may have muted the speakers but I do not know due to the fact that I have click the turn up speaker button and it wont do anything.

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Can you give us the last three digits of your systems serial number as there are a few different versions of this system.


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My first guess is a failed hard drive. First try zapping the PRAM twice, let us know if you now hear the startup tone, here's how: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204063

Do you have a system installation disk?

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I do not have a system installation disk. When I opened the box my computer only came with a charger and the laptop its self (because of it being refurbished) so. But my macbook is now working just fine. All it needed was a software update. But I wonder why it went to a white screen for just a software update? Do you know? I am new to the macbook world so I don't understand a lot of whats happening.


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From what you described here I don't think there is much we can offer you without the need to repairing it (needing parts).

I would speak with your parents telling them you didn't break it (assuming thats correct). You didn't drop it or bang it did you?

As it has a warranty I would take advantage of it before it expires.

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It ended up being that my system needed an update and my computer failed to tell me. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Right before bed I tried holding the button until the light stopped flashing. It did what it was before with the loud beeping but after a few seconds it stopped and pulled up a software update. Which did confuse me because I had never read online that the white screen could be because of a update. Could it be because I have such a old computer? I don't know but I would like to know if you or anyone else knows why my computer went to a white screen for just an update?


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