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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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My iPod doesn't work

My ipod doesn't work, the PC doesn't recognize the ipod, itunes doesn't recognize, and the file explorer also, how i format without itunes or the file explorer format option?

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Using the latest version of iTunes ( I can get my 2nd generation shuffle to connect, but not copy any music to it. All of the help pages I've found (which discuss manual versus auto fill) are not applicable b/c the 2nd generation shuffle doesn't have the same options. (I believe when it first came out, manual was the only option). Anyway, not surprising that no one @ Apple even tested the old 2nd generation iPod Shuffle w/ the latest iTunes - it's a good marketing plan to force you to continue purchasing new Apple music products.


Its not just my iTunes that dont recognise the iPod, even my PC dont recognise it, so the problem isnt in the iTunes version.


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Does iTunes (12.2.1) recognises your iPod.

If it's the case, you can restore it and after, import your music.

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No it doesnt recognise, my iPod dont charge in the PC just in my external battery bank , in the PC it lights three times and stop.


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My iPod shuffle 2 nd generation won't charge can it b repaired at an apple shop I don't kno wots up with it

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