A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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What is wrong with my G2 D802? Odd problem!


I have switched my broken screen with a new one onto my G2, but after that it has started to act strange! I can charge it, but only "slow charge because of low power from power output", and when I connect it to my computer it just shows up as "unrecognized device". I've tried different cables and computers with same result.

And now another problem has occured, when I start the phone it seems to start normal with the LG logo and startup sound. But it is SUPER-LAGGY! Like 2 fps, the screen is responding but with super-delay. If I lock the screen, and then try to unlock it again, it's just black. Like it doesnt have the power to light up again, I still hear the sound of it unlock after swiping over the screen but it stays dark.

But if I make a soft reset (holding powerbutton + volume down) it boots up again, still superlaggy, and after locking it once it stays black.

I have as I said replaced the LCD and digitizer + bought a new usb-connector flex cable but the problem is still there.

Can anybody help me with this?

Regards, Björn.

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Anyone?! I've googled for days and not found anyone with the same problem.


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I have same problem. Did you fixed it meanwhile?

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Do step 11 of this guide to see if it helps, I have never worked with this phone but I hope the guide will help them.

LG G2 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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Thanks, but I'm sure it's a hardware related problem. When I'm in download mode to flash a stock rom with kdz file my phone isn't recognized from my pc. It shows "unknown device (couldn't start correctly)" or something like this.

Same problem in TWRP and android with MTP activated.

I tried flashing different roms (stock and aosp based) but nothing helped.


Wao! that bad, try to pass the ios factory to see you can fixit !!!


The only problem with my G2 is that it won't be recognized by a pc anymore and charging is very slow. Beside of that it runs normally. So I guess I have to stick with that and have to charge it every night to be sure it's full the next morning :-)

I also replaced the flex cable where the usb jack is placed on. But that didn't help. Perhaps it's another spare part or the mainboard itself. I don't know.


you proved that the cable is good? when you changed the flex pin load was the same compatible?


I used different cables and power adapters but always the same slow charging. The cables work with other phones and also worked with my G2 before the problem came up.

I bought a flex cable like this:


But that also didn't helped. I think this spare part wasn't new but even if it was used I guess it was tested. I think it's unlikely that it could have the same malfunction.


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