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The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a graphing calculator released in 2004. It includes a USB port, pre-loaded software, APPS, storage, and a removable front and back case.

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No power for the instrument

I changed a new set of batteries but still no power.

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Hi Hu

Open up the calculator, check for any corrosion inside the calculator.

Normally Gold Contacts are often corroded by leaked battery.

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does anyone know anyone/anyplace (in the UK) that I could get someone to take a look at my TI-84 Plus and potentially repair it/replace some parts?

I have the same problem, it just won't turn on, even after replacing all the batteries including the back up battery.

TI won't replace it because it's a few months past the 3 year guarantee. (grrrrrrr. I thought my TI-84 would last for decades, in fact i'm even thinking of getting a casio as a replacement in protest)

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buy a torx screwdriver and soldering iron? sometimes the fix is simple, and disassembly is straight forward. you probably need a soldering iron. I dislike ti because they dont fix bugs on their calculator and release updates only to prevent calculator modding.


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That is a problem with older TI-84s. Usually the prongs from the batteries to the circuit board pads have worn away the copper p;ating pn the pad. If you want to try this, you can remove the rear cover and bend the prongs so they are touching freah copper. This will usually fix the problem. There are numerous articles on Youtube that detail how to do this.

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