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Repair and disassembly resource for the Oculus Rift family of VR devices.

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Why aren't the control box buttons working?

My DK1 is on and functional, but the buttons to adjust the brightness aren't working. I can't increase brightness, which makes seeing the virtual reality difficult. Why is this happening? And how can I fix the buttons?

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Hi, Paula. If the button is stuck, meaning you can't even push the button down, then there is most likely some dirt that got inside the control box that needs to be cleaned out. Refer to Step 12 of the Oculus Rift Teardown to learn how to take apart the box in order to do some tidying. If the buttons do click and the brightness still isn't adjusting, then the button itself is probably faulty. Refer to the Button Replacement Guide to learn how to fix that button.

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