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How to replace Toshiba satellite P105 fan & graphic board

I need to replace the fan and graphic board on a Toshiba satellite P105 laptop. Do anyone how how to instruct me on how to do it?


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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


I am still trying to find an answer.


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One thing you should take note of: According to that website, the 105 series does not have a discreet video card. Also, I couldn't find a part number for a discreet video card at the NPD, but feel free to look for yourself. I have been wrong before.

If you need to replace the MoBo, NPD will have the one you need and the first link I posted will tell you how to install it. Laptops can be a pain to repair, but oh what a feeling of awesomeness when you are successful.


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