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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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What can I do? iPod washed? No hope?

iPod went through the wash, Head phones and all. I let it dry out and have it sitting in rice currently..

It will come on, but after doing so the click wheel and other buttons won't respond at all. Except it will let me reset (menu + center) Should I just let it dry out more or is there something else wrong?

When connected to the computer, everything works fine, all files are there.

Any advice at all is sincerely appreciated!!

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there is only one option to handle it - but after all - the iPod could be lost.

you need a few things in order to fix it

  1. isopropyl alcohol (>90%)
  2. a soft paintbrush
  3. tools to open the nano

use the logic board guide to disassemble the nano, the needed tools are listed in the guide, there might be other working things to open it, but with the mentioned toolset - you're on the safest side.

after you removed the logic board, clean the "odd" looking parts with the alcohol/paintbrush

the fluid residue will look white/greenish and is conductive - it will shortens the parts and thats why it must be removed

be careful, the tiny parts are very fragile

check/clean all connectors and chips

it's not that easy when you do it for the first time - but in most cases - it works

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If you open the ipod you can try a gentle blast with a warm hairdryer to completely dry out the board first, before using the alcohol. try it once it is dry.

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