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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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How to DIY removal of front glass digitizer?

I have a 1st gen surface pro and the front glass is cracked and as a result the digitizer doesn't work. Its still works like a regular laptop but no touch and cosmetically screen is cracked.

I do have a heatgun already as I use it for other types of various repairs on electronics. Now if im right the very front glass screen is the digitizer right? and underneath is the actual lcd display?

I can buy a digitizer for 50-60 bucks but does anyone have a how to in removing the top cracked digitizer screen but keep using the lcd and just install a new digitizer?

If not possible anyone know who sells the whole front assembly already put together just like the iphones front Assembly that can be bought? Thanks

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If you ask me, I wouldn't venture separating then gluing a new touch screen to the LCD as a first time DIY because of the following reasons which hold true for small screen assemblies, and are seriously compounded by the size of the screen of the Surface:

- The touch screen and LCD are strongly fused. You could crack the LCD. This is not a big issue if you have not yet purchased the digitizer.

- During re-assembly, using improper amounts of glue will cause some parts of the screen assembly to be unresponsive; using a film-tyoe-of-glue can be a good thing to avoid this. Look it up as I am not sure in what sizes they are available;

- Bubbles between the LCD and digitizer;

- Improper or uneven curing causing many issues;

- Bubbles between LCD and touch-screen;

- After some time, touch-screen may separate from the LCD;

- A serious amount of time and mess!

As for parts, I purchased a screen assembly for a 1st generation Surface RT from a seller on eBay (who unfortunately does not carry the screen for the Pro) and that assembly was of excellent quality, and as per the client "more responsive than the original display!" But I know that on eBay it could go either..

Bottom line, if you can find a reliable source, buy the whole screen assembly. Don't attempt to replace just the touch screen.

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Yeah sounds like I better look for the whole assembly, if anyone finds a source for the 1st gen pro let me know thanks


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The digitizer is fused to the LCD and is very difficult to replace. You remove the lcd/digitizer as one unit leaving the motherboard etc exposed. All around the edges is strong adhesive so that's where you heat/pry. All the cables are located at the bottom near the windows logo, there's 4 in total you disconnect. open it up from the camera side, plenty of videos on youtube if you get stuck

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you can get a replacement digitalizer on ebay or amazon

for around 50.....bucks

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