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Repair guides for various chargers that plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.

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Replace Micro USB plug at the end of the car charger cable?

drawing.pdfOkay, we have a number of these old chargers lying around that have broken over the years. I decided to fix them all. So I went online and found the little connectors. Got 12 of them, figured I would make sure to have enough.... Oh, almost forgot, this is for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 phones.

Well, I can't seem to get any of them to work. I just finished trying for the 6th time.... I think there may be a wiring mistake I'm making, or else there is supposed to be a SMD resistor between pins 4 and 5 (at least 200 ohms?).

Can somebody help me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I always test after finishing, +5VDC between pin 1 and 4 or 5.... I've tried jumping pins 4 and 5 as well as wiring to each individually.... the phones charging indicator doesn't say it's charging, but the phone does recognize it being plugged in. When I was trying only pin 1 and 4, the phone indicated that a USB cable was plugged in...

Thanks in advance!

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THE # 1 CAUSE OF MICRO USB FAILURE IS MOVING THE CHARGING DEVISE TO MUCH PULLING/STRETCHING BOTH THE DEVISES PORT AND CHARGERS END. AUTO SPIRAL PIG TAIL CORDS BEING STRETCHED TO TALK WHILE CHARGING CAUSE 50+% OF ALL DEVISE PORT DAMAGE FROM PULLING. Put something tight into any hole and pull/push in every direction and that hole will not be as tight ever again.......... As a father of 7 My best advise to the person in the family who purchases the majority of the charging cords to make and make well known of a spot where "bad" cords go and firmly insist they don't get shoved under beds or thrown away. Every time a cord is needed you go to this spot and hope you have a few that don't work on opposite ends. I cut off the non working side and grab another cord that has that side still working and splice them together. I've found the standard usb end rarely is the problem and its usually the micro usb end that's the issue so my pile is usually most bad micro usb. It seams the auto cords fail more on the car side do to more parts in play so I usually have at least one. Also cut or otherwise damaged cords provide another source of good micro ends. If colors don't match search it online or trial and error. Don't make cords to long for power limitations to push it to far except in the car. I currently use a double length spiral pig tail type in car cutting the micro usb off one and cigarette lighter end off other leaving all cord possible and I can charge a phone in back seat from front seat. Last I found going out purchasing same exact cord then putting your broken one in its place then return or warranty the item now having receipt and package. Don't mistake that as me saying buy something put broken one in and return as if u bought a bad one but simply most have warranty for any reason and will replace it for free. Big box stores work well for this . Good luck and stop buying new cords get off your but and find one if the 50 in your house...

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Car charger has red and white how's charger end has four chords red white green and black what to go together


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I can't see the pdf, it says I don't have permision

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