Can't read/detect one of my 3ds game catridge

I got my 3DS from Malaysia (where I'm from) and bought some other 3DS games from here as well.

I just got back from Australia and recently bought another 3ds game (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) from there.

I'm back at home and when I slotted it in, it won't read it.

I researched about why my 3ds won't read my game when I slotted it in and still can't really find an answer!

(it just shows a blank box space, with a shape of the game catridge, on the menu where the game is supposed to be when it is read)

I've also read apparently because the game is foreign from the system that I bought locally at my place, it isn't compatible (?)

I've tried :

  • blowing the catridge to get rid of dust;
  • inserting the catridge in and out;
  • on and offed my 3ds;
  • slotting in the other 3ds games that I've got and checking whether it works (yes, it does work except for this undetectable one).

Still unable to detect the game.

(don't wanna waste my cash on this! and plus I really wanna play this game :/ even the cashier said its amazing)

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