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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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Replaced 3DSXL screen, but it's not responding. Why?

I swapped out the defective touch screen from my Pikachu 3DS XL for another touch screen from a Blue X & Y 3DS XL (the screen on the X & Y one was working fine). I followed the step by step directions on this site exactly and was careful not to damage or bend any of the ribbons, connecting ports or other interior bits I was interacting with on both systems. When I turned the Pikachu 3DS XL on, nothing was responding. The power light was on and I could see a slight flicker of light from both screens, but that was it. There was no sound, and the system didn't appear to start up. The wifi switch does not light up when pushed, and I can still turn the system off by holding the power button. I tried taking it apart again to double check that all of the ribbons were connected properly to their ports, and locked in place. I triple checked everything the second time to be sure they were all in. But I got the same response when I tried turning it on again.

Is there a particular connection for all this that I should be paying more attention to? Did I damage something that is preventing it from working? Any more troubleshooting I can try?

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I have just tried disassembling and reassembling my 3DS XL for a third time. Again, the same response. The two screens show small signs of having power to them, but nothing else happens. I'll also add that I had done a system transfer on this 3DS a whole ago. Although I don't think that's relevant.

I'm assuming since I have tried these steps multiple times, that some kind of damage was done to a part of the system.


I've reassembled the X & Y 3DS XL and am encountering the same problem. So I think it's unlikely that I damaged anything, unless I made the same mistake twice. Are parts only compatible with the systems they come in?


I've tried switching back the screens to their original cases, and they still wont turn on properly.


Yes! I got it! Thanks so much! Although I'm still having a bit of trouble with the touch screen, my 3DS is responsive! I think someone needs to notify whoever's in charge of the images in the walkthrough. Since it shows in the picture that the chip is upside down. At least save some people the same trouble.


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There is a little board by the lcd cables make sure that board is oriented correctly it can be placed incorrectly follow the pin 1 on the little board with the pin 1 on the connector on the 3ds xl

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Had to reply since this was helpful to me. Angel Tostado was correct, I had attached the little circuit board upside down. This will result in the screens flickering when turned on but no response. Once I flipped the board, it worked perfectly!! Thanks a million

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