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Blu Studio 5.5 S smart phone was released in 2014 by Blu. It's recognizable, by it's white color, and 5.5 inch LCD display.

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Why does my phone constantly overheat?

My phone will overheat whenever I use it for an extended period of time.

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my phone is over heating all the time


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Hey Armen,

So Phones are like computers, they need power to do things. When do you more things, you need more power, and more power generates heat. If you're using your phone for a long time, a lot of programs may stack up. Hold the home button and a list of programs will show up. Swipe away any programs you're done using. Also the screen takes up a lot of energy and creates a lot of heat. Turn down the screen brightness to help as well.

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Why my way phone overheat when I use for about an half hour

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