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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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How to determine the cause of backlight failure after a drop?

After a drop I have occasional flicker on of the screen but normally nothing except by the DVI out port (which works fine).

How do I identify the component that failed? IE PMU or loose wire or what?

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not sure which cable is inverter and do not see a repair guide....a labeled picture would be a great help to check the connections and lookl for there a picture on ifixit? Thanks for the suggestions


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A drop gives a big stress to a machine and could easily damage the backlight bulb if the screen is lightened when the unit is dropped. There's also a stress on the cables passing through the display hinges if the display assembly is open when dropped. Your backlight seems to work OK so I'd check the display cables connections.

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sorry the backlight does not work except occasionally it flickers on then off, so screen is black 99.99% of time. Screen was off and closed when dropped but impact was on the corner with the power plug but that seems to work fine (orange for charge green for charged up)


If the screen flickers then it's a good news for the backlight that's probably still working. You will have to open the top case and the display to check the cables and the inverter board.


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Sounds like the inverter cable is probably being crimped. If you type "inverter" into the search box, you'll find many discussions of similar issues that should lead you in the right direction.

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