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Model A1285 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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Why won't my nano turn on?

I got my Ipod nano 4th generation for Christmas about 4 years ago. About 6 months after I got it it had to be reset to factory settings. About a month or so later I plugged my Ipod into my wall charger to charge it and when I got up the next monring it wouldn't turn on at all. Could it be the motherboard or the battery? Please help. I'm in dire need of fixing it.

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What it sounds like to me is that the iPod is not charging or the battery is not holding its charge. First I would check the charger and USB sync cable on both ends and make sure the connections are in good shape and working and that the charger is charging. You can also check to make sure the charger works by trying to charge another device. Then I would check the connector the USB sync cable connects to on the iPod and make sure it is not damaged. If that doesn't working then try using a different charger and usb sync cable to charge the iPod or plug it into a computer and see if it charges.

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