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Repair information on tablets manufactured by Dell.

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Replace a cracked Dell Venue 8 Pro screen

I need to replace a broken screen of my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. I have found videos online for replacing the motherboard, battery, cameras and buttons, but none to replace the screen

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I am saying that the warranty should cover a crack screen but it doesnt its is the gayest thing in warranty history . I know how to replace it but the warranty should cover the cracked scereen


On Amazon you can get a brand new tablet for $86.00


i hope this is going to be good because i really want my dell tablet to be fixed.if you text me back in my gmail just tell me how much it cost so i can see if i can pay for it.


Omg I am totally new at this stuff and I'm trying to repair the dell venue pro 8 of my sister. Is there really no video that handles the replacement of the screen of this exact type?


dell venue 8 16gb -touch display


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A Youtube user followed this Dell XPS screen replacement guide and said it worked for her Dell Venue 8 Pro.

"Heather Loso Scott Chimner1 week ago

This video was very helpful. We cracked the screen on a Dell Venue 8 Pro (Android). Dell wanted $269 to repair it and a local shop wanted $150. I ordered an OEM replacement part from eBay ($35), followed these steps and it works like new. Thanks for the step-by-step!"

If that's enough of a testimonial for you, try it out, be careful, and best of luck!

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Dell Venue 8 Pro is NOT android and is assembled differently


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Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830) Tablet Motherboard & Touchscreen Assembly Replacement Video Tutorial

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