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The Samsung Galaxy R (Royal) is a smart phone manufactured by Samsung that features Android software, a 4.2" touchscreen display, and a front and back facing camera.

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Headphones won't work with my phone

When I plug in my headphones, the sound doesn't work. How do I fix the headphone jack?

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Why do the right of my headphones work but not the left and plz tell me


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First, make sure you are using the correct headphones. The Samsung Galaxy R uses a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Check to see if the headphones you are using comply with these measurements.

If your headphone jack fits correctly and still does not produce sound, try a another set of headphones before considering replacing the headphone jack.

If you come to the conclusion that the headphone jack is faulty, replace the headphone jack.This guide will teach you how to remove the headphone jack: Samsung Galaxy R Headphone Jack Replacement

You can purchase a new headphone jack from,, or ebay.

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I'm using the headphones I got with the phone


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