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Won't turn on or charge

My son got this iPod Nano at an office party from his boss. He plugged it into his USB port. The computer would not recognize it. It would not charge, it wouldn't even turn on. What is going on here? Just a bad iPod?

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it's maybe just a bad iPod - but it could also be a totally discharged iPod, if the battery is empty - the computer would not recognitze it and therefore, could not charge it.

do you have the ac charger for the iPod ? try to charge the iPod with it.

does the iPod look "normal" or has it signs of fluid damages (look inside the headphone jack - anything red on the bottom of it ?)

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I don't have an ac charger, but I think I will pick one up. The iPod looks normal and there are no signs of fluid damage. Thanks for the help.


Well buying an A/C adapter didn't help. Still getting the error message that the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it. Any other suggestions?


but does the iPod charge with the a/c adpter? can you power it on (if not, check the hold switch), try to reset it (press and hold the menu and the select(middle) button for ~10 seconds) - and try a different usb port/computer


No it doesn't charge with the a/c adapter. Can't power it on. Tried to reset it also. Doesn't work. Gave it back to my son and told him maybe he should give it back to his boss and tell them he wants a new one. lol


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