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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Hard Drive from old dead MacBook into new MacBook Pro

Can I place my Current 7200 Seagtate HD from my last Macbok (black 2.66 ghz, which died due to water damage).

From the pics on your page it looks like it's just the battery with a warning sticker, surely they would never know if I opened it up and swapped the Hard Drive....

Perhaps it would be easier to somehow Mirror My Hard drive onto the new one without even opening the case. If so would I need to Reinstall drivers for the new trackpad???

The reason I have for now wanting to start over is that my backup ext Hard drive has died along with many installers for alot of my software.

Whats your advice looks easy to remove can I get away with it?

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If your current computer is still under warranty I would advise against the change. However it would be physically possible to do so. Are the drives from the same maker and the same size?

To me the best way to go would be to place the drive from the water damaged computer in the external case instead of the dead drive. I would the use something like carbon copy cloner to clone the external drive to your computer without opening it. As long as its the same OS you should have no problems with the trackpad. The advantage to doing this way is you can still swap drives if you are unhappy with the results and are out no money, (CCC is a free download)

If your computer is out of warranty I'd say go for it. Ralph

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I am waiting on an insurance claim and I expect the company won't repair my old laptop as it got pretty wet and they just replaced it last time... So I don't yet have the new 15" i5 yet.

I wasn't sure if it would be possible to clone from ext to int drive and I predict that the trackpad drivers won't be on my old 2009 MacBook OS (which is what's on my old HD) I was hoping I could just do an update of the operating system after cloning/replacing HD but I can't find any instructions for cloning that way round (I have cloned from int to ext before...)

Thanks for your reply, I'll check out this carbon copy cloner... (prob best to stick to 5400 aswell I guess for heat/noise reasons)


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