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1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core Duo processor

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Airport Extreme 802.11n card

I purchased an Airport Extreme 802.11n card and tools from iFixit and installed according to your instructions.

Didn't work. System Profiler said it was not connected. However when I checked it. it was connected.

What am I doing wrong?


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If the card is new

and indeed connected (in the slot squarely and firmly) then the connector board or the logic board is a fault.

You did not say what caused you to purchase a new wireless card... if it was loss of wireless functionality then that could have been the problem all along. In which case you need a new logic board.


before you send that card back, there is a software app. from Apple that you need to enable N networking (if it wasn't OEM) if that's the issue.

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Good Luck,


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When I try AirPort_Extreme_802.11n_Enabler I get error msg. saying it don't have correct hardware (tried it again with n card installed - same result).

Appears that this card won't work with my A1150 MacBook Pro. I'm returning it.


Thanks for your response.

I assume the card is new (I bought it from the iFixit repair instructions page).

My original card still works (I put it back in when the new one didn't work). I was replacing the hard drive for a larger one and taking out my Superdrive to clean the lens and I thought I'd try to improve my Airport performance.

I put the old Airport card back to verify that the connections and antennae were not at fault. Then I put the new card in again for another try. This time Profiler saw it but I could not turn Airport on. I created a new Airport in Network Preferences, repaired disk permissions, reset SMC and the other thing, and PRAM, spun around 3 times counterclockwise, sacrificed a goat, and restarted.

Still didn't work so I put the old one back in and it works as it always did - and now I'm happy it works at all. So I guess in a way the new card helped.


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