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MacBook Air 2010 13", can I use any mSATA SSD? says this model uses a mini sata connector for the hard drive. So I'm wondering...

Has anyone ever tried putting a standard length (ex: Samsung 840 EVO mSATA) in a macbook air 2010?

I understand that the difference in length would mean that I could not screw down the SSD but I'm sure I could figure out an alternative way to hold it in place.

I'm just curious if standard mSATA SSDs will function correctly if installed in a macbook air 2010?


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Sorry the answer is no. The SSD Apple uses is not your standard mSATA connection the Samsung 840 EVO SSD has.

You'll need to use one of these: Transcend Jetdrive for MacBook Air or what OWC offers.

Update (06/09/2018)

Here’s a newer source of the custom SSD drives: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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Thanks. Was hoping the only difference was the length of the board but oh well.


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