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iPhone 6 OIS - Conceptually It is possible maybe?

Essentially the iphone 6 and the 6+ are the same, they both use the same components with the exception of one having a larger screen and one containing optical image stabilisation. If we think about it sooner or later there will be aftermarket parts for the iphone 6. Does anyone else see it possible to install the Iphone 6+ OIS camera onto a Iphone 6? This wouldn't be possible on the previous generations on Iphones, but ideally now, it could!

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I think your over simplifying this.

While it may appear the phones are the same the physical parts are not necessarily interchangeable.

Just looking at the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus tear-downs the connections of the camera modules appear to be different.

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If it was possible, they wouldve added it

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I'm not sure if thats the case. I think there could have been a supply issue (limited quantity) or, Apple wanted to make the Plus model have some distinction from its brother.


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Over half of the pins on the connector are vacant anyway, so the same pin layout does not mean the same circuit. i bet on iphone 6 the wires for OIS are simply not present.

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