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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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battery charges & new logic board but still won't power on

My macbook got a little wet awhile back and completely stopped working. However, the charging light on the charger would still come on and turn to green if left charging for long enough. I assumed the battery was fine and bought a new logic board. I installed the new logic board but it still won't power on. The battery stills appears to be charging. I realize that there's the possibility that the logic board I ordered could be bad also. Is there any other reason that I am overlooking that would stop the macbook from powering on?? I'm lost at this point.

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Many water spills damage the keyboard as well as the logic board. Since the power button is a part of the keyboard, I'd suggest that this is why it won't turn on. I actually see this a lot.

To test this, there are two pads that you can short together to turn it on without the power button. Refer to this answer to help you find them:

Where on the logic board are the power-on pads?

Once you've found them, just use a flat screwdriver of similar metal tool to bridge the gap between them.

I'd also try disconnecting the battery just in case it is preventing is from booting.

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so it should power up without a battery if on the charger?


started it via power-on pads! new logic board works and even the original logic board works! narrowed it down to only a bad keyboard! thanks for the advice!


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