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2006 MacBook that has been unused for a long time, work?

Ok I am asking the pros. Genius bar is far from Genius in Osaka.

I have a 2006 black Macbook (duo core etc). I stopped using it a few years ago because the mag port for the battery was wonky and it was a pain to get the battery to charge. So, I bought a late 2009 Macbook to replace it. Well I recently dug out the old one to peak my curiosity plugged the black one in and the charger started working. I know the battery is probably shot but is there a way to get the black one going again? The charger indicates it receiving juice, but I cannot seem to get the old horse to run.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try this:

Unplug it, pull the battery out. Now, hold the power button down for about ten seconds.

Then, plug the magsafe back in and try turning it on. Leave the battery out for now.

See if that works.

If not, then you either have a bad AC adapter, or there is a hardware problem with the MacBook. You mentioned a flaky DC-in board, it might be just that.

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Thanks PDM. I think I figured it out. I am replacing the mag port and the battery. I got it run by holding the mag adapter in place long enough to have it boot. New battery is on order since I am sure it is dead. Thanks again.


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