How to reassemble without losing the cel antenna?

dear community!

I found a lot of threads where people (including myself) had no service after reassembling their iPhone 3G (or only when standing nearby a transmitter). I also found that the most cited reason is a loose cellular antenna or a broken one, which - of course - makes perfect sense. since there are so many of us sharing that problem I dont believe (or lets say I do not hope) that all of us ruined the antenna during reassembling (especially since only that antenna seems to be affected and not e.g. the GPS or WLAN antenna). so I guess its just some loose contact to fix or to look at.

unfortunately I did not find a repair guide/answer what to do exactly, when havinge a loose antenna. The threads i found so far only stat, that this is the problem. Can anyone please give us more preceise reassembly advices? and maybe these could be added to the repair guides as well.

thanks a lot!


pS: what I guess to know so far is (refering to teardown iPhone 3G Teardown): the cellular antenna is below the port connector (step 18). it is connected with the mainboard using a golden spring "B" right under the "do not remove" part of the mother board (golden spring connector (ball), step 27, hardly visible) and there is a golden spring "S" on the side of the motherboard (step 17, left part, upper right corner) above it connecting it with the chassis. the square golden contact plate on the back of the mainboard (step 17, left part, left of the spring "S") which makes contact with the ball like spring "B" is, however, not connected with the golden spring "S" on the side of the mainboard (I tested connection). should there be a connection?

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


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