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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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laptop wont start

my laptop died because my power cord messed up, so i got a new one yesterday and now my laptop starts but, its has a gray screen with a white apple sign. so i put in the restore CD and when i tried to reinstall the OS it asks me to select the destination however there is nothing there to select. I restarted and removed the battery and cables and i tried to reinstall the OS and its does the same thing. It asks me to select a destination and there is nothing to choose. i don't see the hard drive to select.

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i got to the disk utility and its shows the dvd and powerbook software but it does not show the hard drive on the left side so there no hard drive to restore or erase, but i heard the hard drive.


well i haven't heard from anyone yet. does any one have a hard drive for this laptop and price on them


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This happens when the OS installer cannot identify a drive suitable for installing the OS. This often means that the HD is in the wrong format, that the HD is dead, or other reasons.

When you get to this screen (where it asks for the destination), pull down the menu from the options above and choose "Disk Utility". Hopefully it will show your hard drive on the left side. Assuming there is no data on the drive you need to recover, you can highlight the drive, and select the Erase tab, and erase the drive within Disk Utility. If it successfully wipes the drive, you can exit Disk Utility, and the drive should now be visible for the OS install. You can also verify the drive in Disk Utility, which may let you know if the drive is having problems.

If the drive doesn't show in Disk Utility, it may be dead. If you get to that point let me know and I'll write more. Good luck!

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if your trying to totally restore it, you have to reformat the harddrive. to do so, insert your restore cd/DVD and then find disk utility and hit restore

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My disk utility see my HD but my HD has 250 gb and only reads 128 gb there is something wrong with the format or the cables?

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