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Lenovo K900 bad WiFi and GPS reception?

I have a Lenovo K900, with so poor WIFI reception and no GPS reception at all.

I think this a hardware problem.

Is possible to change the Wifi and GPS Antenna? Or is possible the problem comes from bad connection, etc.?

This problem came since I buy the phone (new condition).


PS. I changed and taste ANY firmware available, so software problem is discarded.

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Do you want to explain to me and I have a problem with you-fi will not turn on at all provided you know what the defect


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2 Antwoorden

Odd question and don't ask me how it is related. Do you have a SD card in the phone? If so remove it reboot and see if it starts working.

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indeed, SD card create a lot of problems


galaxy note 4 abonnement samsung Galaxy S6

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