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Fourth generation Honda Civic

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Why is the parking brake/ brake light on

On my Civic, the front left brake is kind off stuck and the brake light is turned on. Furthermore all of the brake fluid just disappears. I got the car for free, since it had been standing still the last 2 years. I suspect the main brake cylinder is leaking.

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Nicki Rasmussen, "the front left brake is kind off stuck and the brake light is turned on." Could be a seized brake caliper. Brake fluid "disappearance" is a pretty good indication of a leaky brake line as well as leaking caliper. I would not worry to much about the brake light, but would fix the brakes first. Replacement calipers are readily available and you are looking at around $70 for those. You also want to think about replacing the brake lines. Not sure how skilled you are in doing all those things, but do not drive your vehicle until you fixed the brakes:-)) Let us know what exact year your Honda is so that we might assist you further with that. Hope this helps, good luck.

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The car is from 1990, I will try to replace the brake lines, since they have rotted up, and a the caliper is leaking a bit, so I will get around doing that somehow. Here in Denmark we have summer vacation this Friday, so I will try to fix then. But anyways, thanks!


Good Luck and if you need further help, just ask. Those Honda's are great cars and will last for a long time....


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Well, one reason could be one of you brake lines is leaking fluid or your master cylinder seals are leaking making you to lose fluid. Also, if brake lights remains on all the time, there is a switch underneath the break pedal, it looks like a crayon, check on the floor and if you see pieces of it, it means its what remains of the switch. Without the switch, the brake light will always be on, confusing you into thinking that you are leaking fluid. You can place a small screw and a nut across in place of the switch, it does work. However, I advise you to buy the EOM part as it does not cost much.

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