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Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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How much Ram is possible?

First. Thank you for your great Guides. With your help i have repaired my iPhone and change the HD from my iMac.

Now i have one more question.

How much Ram can i put in my iMac EMC 2544?

2x 8 GB or 2x 16GB? Thank you for your answer.


One more Question.

I think it should be possible to put the 2x 4GB Ram, which are actually in my iMac, in my MacBook 2009 Late.

In my MacBook are 2x 2GB in .

Is it possible or not? Thank you for your answer.

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Regarding the use of iMac RAM on your laptop, of course the easiest path is to just try them out, being sure to unplug the battery before anything else on the board. They might work..

BUT your iMac has 1600MHz DDR3 memory. Your laptop probably has 1066MHz (1067MHz) installed. I believe using 1600MHz sticks on your laptop will cause your system not to start, or to crash sometimes, kernel panic, etc.


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Late 2012 21.5" iMac/i5/2.7GHz and 2.9GHz have 2 slots that accept 2*DDR3 laptop RAM, so you can fit up to 2*8GB. I don't know about any single 16GB RAM in one module that would fit on this model yet. There is talk (that's one article) about upcoming single 16GB RAM DDR3 modules but I don't believe any is available yet.

You can verify your configuration and the amounts of available slots here to see how different models compare, and you can notice that the 27" models from the same 2012 line-up have 4 easily accessible RAM slots that accept up to 4*8GB RAM. So if you require 32GB RAM at all cost, you may consider moving to a 27" model. I did make the comparison, but cannot seem to save it in a link.

Please note the following:

- This series of iMacs requires a specific kind of RAM modules marked as 1.35V. The 2*8GB Corsaire RAM modules you are buying are marked as 1.5V. It is not enough to have them "Apple Certified." I am not knowledgeable enough to recommend the exact needed type of RAM and instead advise you to check other questions and answers about them first and determine what is needed.

- To access the RAM slots on this 21.5" iMac, you will have to remove the front panel, which is not as straightforward as replacing them on a regular laptop. See this guide to determine if you are up to it and/or have the needed tools.

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Ah. Okay. Thank you. I have now ordered 2x 8GB from Corsair. Certificated from Apple.


If the answer helped, kindly mark it as "accepted."

Some memory will not work with the new iMacs. They have to be "L" meaning 1.35V if I am correct. While you ordered the 1.5V. I believe sticking with 1.35V is better because:

a/ I am not sure if 1.5V will work or not, or will cause sporadic/random errors down the line. Some people are running into trouble when trying to upgrade RAM without sticking with the exact recommendations of Apple.

b/ Also 1.5V I think will generate more heat.


Rany, you don't seem to know if you're talking about a laptop or an iMac. The second link you gave is confusing. Better to give him a link to the correct machine. If you don't know which machine you are talking about ASK. Your talk about the L and V RAM, while interesting, just confuses the average user. Find the correct RAM and recommend it.

You might also mention what a PITA changing the RAM configuration is on this machine: Details: *By default, this system has 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM. Apple does not intend for one to upgrade the RAM in this system. However, as first discovered by site sponsor OWC, this system has two SO-DIMM slots (204-pin). Unfortunately, accessing these slots requires one to pry off the display that is glued to the case and remove the logic board.


Hi Mayer, I'll take that mark down because you're right about the difficulty of upgrading RAM on 21.5" iMacs. I did not think much about it because usually I do it in about 30', but I didn't put myself in their shoes. And also for mentioning the 1.35v/1.5v issue without pointing towards the better option.

But I beg to differ regarding the 2nd link if you mean the everymac website. I did leave the other columns open to allow Hans to compare iMac models and find a 32GB compatible iMac in case he needs to. Where am I confusing laptops with iMacs?

Regarding 1.35V vs. 1.5V, I'll actually post a question and hope you'll help answer it.

I'll edit my answer and hope it is better suited for the subject.


Mayer, I see what you mean re the everymac website. I actually set-up the 3 columns with i5/2.7/21.5" vs. i5/2.9/21.5" vs. i5/2.9/27" before copying the link, but when I clicked on it from here, it took back to the generic columns... not the ones I set up..


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