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Less expensive substitute for DVI Apple Cinema HD 90W Power Adapter?

This power supply is outrageously expensive.

Does anyone know of a substitute or cheap knockoff?

20" & 23" DVI Apple Cinema HD 90W Power Adapter

The Apple part number can be any of these: 661-3370, 661-4133, 661-4339, 661-4379

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This post surfaced recently so I decided this looked liked something interesting.

I did some research and it looks like the power jack is just red black and ground. That means any 24v power supply that can provide 90W at 3.7 amps should work. Simply cut the cable coming from the display and wire it to your now adapter.

Here's a write-up on it:

I don't know how the USB ports work. That guide mentioned something about them but I couldn't find enough about the thing to know about the ports.

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Look online for a used one or a good quality aftermarket one. If you need both, spend the extra money and get a monitor that comes with one.

I would look for a high quality aftermarket one with actual safety credentials. Yes, these cost more then the average eBay adapter but you know it's probably just as safe as the OEM adapter and isn't as likely to kill the monitor if something goes wrong. However, I'd still prefer going eith an Apple OEM adapter. As long as you know which one you need for the size you are looking at, you'll be fine. Look up Apple Cinema Display Power Supply and you'll probably get somewhere.

I would forget about modification to the monitor - it likely doesn't have the hardware for AC->DC conversion on the monitor itself, which is probably why Apple uses an external power supply. I'm sure it can still be done, but it isn't going to be practical.

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Good idea but I don't own one. eBay has the monitor for sales at very good prices but without the power adapters, so I was looking for an inexpensive way to get into the monitors.


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