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Repair information and guides for the sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Model: A1428, A1429

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Not able to start charging after full discharge

Today morning when phone was off because of discharging won't able to start charging again.

Till Yesterday phone battery backup was good as well as charging also good but suddenly today when phone was switched off it's not able to start charging.

I also went to Apple store and tried to charge with original cable but bad luck it's not started charging. So please suggest me any solution.

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try a hard reset while unplugged (hold the home and power buttons in together until the apple logo appears or the charging symbol or for upto 30 seconds) then try charging again

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oh my god THANK YOU, my phone is Bae and if i hadn't found this page, it would have been a disaster movie...


thank u so much...i was so worried in morning when i saw my i phone in such a state...


Thank you so ,uch sir problem has been resolved now...


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I've seen water damaged iphones do this. Not in a long time, its probably been a year or so since i saw it last. The devices will charge a battery with some charge but will do nothing with a dead battery. I wasn't doing any board repair at the time and haven't seen it recently enough to be able to properly chase out the why.

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probably damage to the board from using a non-apple charger. the iphone 5 is kind of prissy about that. but hopefully it is just a bad battery or dock connector.

your troubleshooting looks like this:

1.) replace battery

2.) replace dock connector

3.) send out for board repair of charging circuit---which may or may not be feasible depending on whether the charging power ic or the charging logic ic was damaged.

good luck!


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