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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Bypass Headphone jack with wire solder


I have a damaged headphone jack on a MacBook Pro. It causes the computer to think that digital output is on. I have played with the jack and can't get the switch to go back to built-in speakers. Is there a way to bypass the headphone jack completely by soldering a wire? If so, what fuses do I need to solder?

Thanks for your help. It's really frustrating to hear a startup chime but not have any speakers in the OS. I have reinstalled, looked for a red light, etc. and think my only option is either a new logic board or to figure out how to bypass the jack.

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How is the jack damaged? what do you see? What happened?


The previous owner had a headphone tip broken off in it. He did a poor job removing it so the jack looks like it's in pretty bad shape. Would it make sense that the whole jack controls when the speakers are used? Like if the jack was removed, replaced or bypassed the internal speakers would work again?


Yes - however this is not a DIY repair for an amateur, soldering logic boars is not like soldering lamp cords. If you have experience soldering/repair small electronic components go ahead and replace it... if not best to let a professional do it.


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Try a USB audio dongle - (you can attach headphones or external speakers to them - USB audio is separate from digital and analogue audio) don't solder on your logic board or your have more problems.

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