For anyone doing an iPad Mini glass/digitizer replacement.

Hello everyone,

As I just spent 16 hours on my first iPad mini (not straight, thank goodness!), I will list a summary of what I had to learn in order for it to be a success.

1. Many digitizers/glass (if they do not have original adhesive on it) may cause the glass to sit too close to the frame because it is much more thin causing too little space for the home button (it must be a fraction of a fraction of 1mm) and it will stay depressed. I spent hours trying to find out what exactly was causing it. Did I carve a bit out of the housing where the button seats itself on? Maybe. Did it help? No.

2. The exposed digitizer contacts at the bottom of the backside of the digitizer need to be taped over with proper black tape (I forget the special name for it).

BOTH of these terminals do, not just the clearly exposed one. I enjoyed opening my ipad many times playing around with these contacts until my touchscreen started behaving.

3. Do not touch the LCD, EVER with anything. The only thing you can touch it with is a microfiber cloth to brush away any dust before placing the digitizer/glass replacement on. It is impossible to clean. I was gladly surprised that it is hard to see a dirty LCD once the ipad is put back together. But those hours of attempted cleaning are still lost someplace.

4. Put the adhesive strips on before reattaching the digitizer to the logic board. Otherwise you will not be happy at one particular corner of the glass.

5. Just take your time and be careful. This is something I actually did do, hence it took me 16 hours. But at least I now have a working iPad mini and a very happy customer. Will they know how long it took me? Probably not. Next one will be a snap, figuratively.

Good luck and have fun!

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I've just been clicking around on here tonight and wanted to say you have definitely given some sound advice in this post. I did 3 of these little guys today and they are much harder to clean up than their successors. The only thing I could add is: stick your spudger in little as possible when you open these as tearing up the foam around the lcds can cause particles that stick via static to the LCD and are not visible till the backlight is lit.


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