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The fifth Google Nexus phone. Officially announced on October 31, 2013, it sports a 4.95" 1080p display, a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon processor, and LTE support. Powered by Android 4.4.2, KITKAT. Manufactured by LG.

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How can you change the broken display?


just a few days ago I found my Nexus 5 display with a "split line" from top to bottom of the phone and I am not sured I caused it accidentally..but, however, I would like to change now the LCD.

I saw the teardown on the website but I am not sure that the substitution of the display is simple, or it comes together with the external frame?

has anyone had experience with this kind of repair?

Thank you.

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I only can provide a link providing both the replacement parts and repair guide.

It's not difficult and you'd better replace it with the external frame.

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