13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Need MOSFET K0305 8L2 51JY

What is equivalent MOSFET for K0305 8L2 51JY, one of the four mounted on A1278 logic board is leaking so need set of 4 equivalent MOSFETS. Please see image

Block Image

Block Image


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Harkishan, any chance you can let us know your exact computer model? May be post the last three images of your serial number so we can identify it properly. Also, post an image of the location of the MOSFET on your board. It will help a bit better to determine which MOSFET you can substitute it with.


Please see details of laptop given by me in the Answers. Any help that you can provide!


It is Apple MacBook 2008 or 2009 Model A-1278 designed by America assembled by China. Problem is there is NO DISPLAY so my engineer has checked the board and found one of the four MOSFETs which are near RAM is throwing high voltage which is preventing further activities and Part No. printed on the MOSFET is K0305 8L2 51JY it is a 4 leg MOSFET. Apple has regretted to supply therefore looking for equivalent MOSFET which can make the logic board functional once again (instead of replacing the logic board as suggested by Apple). Picture of the logic board I would be able to post in a day or two.


Harkishan, "printed on the MOSFET is K0305 8L2 51JY" makes it difficult to identify since it is a manufacturer number. Once I see where the mosfet is located and I can get you the proper values for the mosfets which will then help you to cross reference it. Waiting for your images.


Macbook sr. no. W89075541AQ. Model A-1278 Year 2009. I have image of logic board and closeup image of 4 MOSFETS which I need. Please advise how to upload the image on ifixit site or give me your email id for sending both images to you.


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Harkishan, thank you for posting the images. The components are as follows:

Q7401 RJK0328DPB

Q7400 RJK0305DPB

Q7402 RJK0305DPB

Q7403 RJK0328DPB

all are [ackage/case SC-100, SOT-669 LFPAK

The RJK0305DPB is available at places like digikey.com and mouser.com as well. RJK0328DPB looks a little tougher to come by. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Dear Thank You Very Much for your kind help. Shall discuss with my engineer and come back to you.


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