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Model A1320 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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What is wrong with the sound?

My iPod's sound is always messing up. I will turn it on, and it will sound kind of crackly. And if I turn it up loud, I can hear the music but it sounds like I'm listening to a radio station with a bad connection. It hasn't gotten wet, I haven't dropped it, nothing happened to it that I know of. I know it's not the headphones because it's the same when I put it on speaker. Sometimes it does this and then sometimes it goes back to normal. But it hasn't been normal for a few days now so I am getting kind of frustrated. What the heck is going on with this thing?

Thanks so much. :]

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sure about the "hasn't gotten wet"? - please take a look inside the headphone jack - what color do you see on the bottom? (white or some kind of red)

if it's white:

since the nano 5g is less than a year old i would go to the next apple store and would let them take care of the problem

if it's reddish:

well - that would mean the iPod had a fluid problem and apple won't do anything with it - except selling you a new one.

but before i go into detail - check it first and then we can go further

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