iMac5,1 to iMac7,1 screen transplant possible?

Hello everybody! I have a perfectly working 20" iMac7,1 with a screen I despise - I do a lot of graphic/web design work and the screens color reproduction and viewing angles are as horrible as can be. I also have a 20" iMac5,1 with a beautiful IPS panel that's no worse than the panels they put in the aluminum Apple Cinema Displays of the time, but unfortunately it is suffering from the infamous failing video card (freezing, graphic glitches) and possible other components as well. I have read that fixing the iMac5,1 video card problem is not productive since the ongoing lifespan of the machine might be very short in the end. So I decided - since the Aluminum model is more capable (newer sata, faster ram etc), yet has the bad screen I could try and transplant the screen of the iMac5,1 to the iMac7,1 (possibly having to work without the front aluminum cover - and that's ok) or maybe transplanting the iMac7,1 internals to the old iMac5,1 case (possibly compromising the thermal cooling system - so that's more questionable). I would like to do it because

1) I have no money to spend on a new computer (I live in a 3rd world country and everything is generally expensive).

2) Nor do I want to spend money, because the newer iMac is of sufficient performance for what I use it for.

3) Don't want to waste re-usable electronics.

Questionable assumptions:

I have read that the Aluminum Mid-2007 iMac Models use panels that can be LG.Philips with the model number LM201WE3-TLF1 or it can be some form of the M201EW02 series to which I couldn't find the manufacturer.

What I know so far:

Both LCD panels have the same 30-pin (LVDS) connections with the exception in power that the LCD actually requires: 12.0V for the LM201W01-SLA1 LCD from iMac5,1 versus the 5.0V that the newer LM201WE3-TLF1 from iMac7,1 requires. Also the iMac7,1 LCD uses EEPROM and the older one doesn't.

What I would like to know:

What do I do with the EEPROM data thing? Do I need to zap it? The older models do not use EEPROMs at all as far as I know.

Where can I get the extra 7.0V in the iMac7,1 to drive sufficient juice for the more power hungry IPS panel from iMac5,1?

+Any other relevant and helpful information.

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