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Why won't my battery charge?

So my MacBook Pro battery has been dead for awhile, but as long as I kept it plugged in I was still able to use the laptop with no issues. The other day, the computer was pulled to the floor (about a one foot drop). Everything seemed fine, but about 30 seconds later it shut off. I realized that the AC adapter was no longer giving power to the battery (it won't startup with the power cord plugged in and no battery, either). I tested another AC adapter and still no luck. Is this a logic board issue, or a problem with the MagSafe board?

Extra note: when the power adapter is plugged in, the light on it is yellow for about a second, then turns green to indicate a fully charged battery.

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I would try to test the MacBook Pro with a fully charged battery from another 15" MacBook Pro if at all possible (borrow from a friend etc...) If it works perfectly off of the battery then most likely your logic board is just fine and you probably damaged the I/O board... (This board has the magsafe port as well as sound ports and the express card slot) If that is what is damaged, they can be had for a decent price off ebay or from ifxit...

Hope this helps!

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That is very helpful, thank you!


Awesome! Glad to help!


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