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moto x fell in pool. display now psychedelic. rest of phone fine.

Long story short: young son fell in pool. I jumped in right after with my moto x in pocket. Display is blacking out or psychedelic, with moments of being fine. We were in water under ten seconds tops. The rest of the phone (digitizer, radios, buttons) show no ill effects.

Should I try to open it to dry it out or look for any salt deposits? Replace whole display/digitizer part?

BTW, son is fine. He thought it was funny :( And several weeks ago we made appointment for pool fence... earliest day they could install was literally the day after incident.

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Blake Jensen, I am glad to hear that your son is doing great!!!! I am currently conducting an experiment about the corrosion and treatment of submersed cellphones. Hopefully I can get to writing a guide or Wiki or anything like that within the next couple of days. So far it shows that cell phones that receive no treatment, or a rice treatment, show the same corrosion damage, whereas a phone that was disassembled and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush does far better. I know, way to much information. My recommendation would be to properly disassemble your phone, using these guides, and to clean all parts with high grade isopropyl alcohol. After that you want to replace the battery, reassemble and re-evaluate. The psychedelic screen could be caused by a water damaged display. Hope this helps, good luck.

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