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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Cooling Fan always works at full speed!

MacBook 13" Unibody (Model A1342) Mid 2010


Cooling fan of my macbook always works at full speed. I've already clean up laptop, replace the thermal paste and made a reset of SMC/NVRAM. Apple Hardware Test shows the "4mot/1/40000002: exhaust -0" error. iStat shows that exhaust fan works at 0 rpm. All thermal sensors works fine and shows around 30-35 degrees.

What can i do with it? Do i need to replace the fan? Or maybe there is a problem with something else?

Thank you!

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Sounds like the fan unit is gone

Opened it up again and see if you can carefully rotate the fan blade with a small spray of can't air, don't over do it as you can damage it! Is it free spinning?

Also check the fans connections are they correctly seated?

If both are yes its time for a new fan unit.

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Thank you for your answer!

Both question are yes!

I bought a new fan unit. But it did not solve my problem. Maybe there is a problem with one of the chips on a motherboard? But which one is responsible for the fan?


Yes if a sensor is bad the fans are set to kick into high speed by the EFI to keep the user from Cooking the CPU. Run the AHT and see if it finds an error. Sometimes (especially with heat issues) you may have to run AHT 2 or 3x in a row.


I ran it about 20 times, but it's shows me only "4mot/1/40000002: exhaust -0" error.


If it starts with 4MOT it's a motor (fan) error that the end number is 0 means it's not working. Replace that fan.


If you replaced the fan then the connection to the logic board has a problem. Double check the cable connection, Is it straight in?


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