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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod is stuck on charging screen?


I have an iPod classic 160-gb (A1238). I replaced the screen, front housing, hard drive, ribbon for the hard drive, audio cable, and battery. The battery is a generic brand and I purchased it from the seller "batterygalaxy" on eBay. I noticed as soon as I turned my iPod on, it displayed the Apple logo. I got the USB cable and plugged it into the computer. The screen changed to "Charging, please wait..." and it wouldn't go away after giving it thirty minutes to charge. I unplugged it from the computer since the computer wasn't recognizing it and the iPod died. I used the outlet charger for it and the same thing happened after giving it 15 minutes but this time the screen changed back to the Apple logo as it was charging. This is not a bad battery, the seller tests their batteries before selling them. Can someone tell me what is going on? I am starting to think that it's something internal. Thank you.

PS -

I am worried that once I get past this stage, my computer won't recognize the drive since it's virtually new. How can I update the drivers for the IPOD to its current one using iTunes? Is it even possible if iTunes or Winamp won't recognize the device? Please let me know how to get my iPod working again. I'm almost about to give up, I've put in so much time into this project and it's been dragging out for a few months now. I want to listen to music again!! :(

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Yeah. I've tried resetting the iPod.. it just goes back to the "Charging, please wait..." status. So do you think this is a battery issue then?


I have the exact same model and issue. Tested old battery and it was charged to 4v but I still had doubts as sometimes battery can fail when under load and a digital multimeter (voltmeter) doesnt put too much load on a battery to do a mimimum load test. So I purchased a battery of eBay, measured the voltage and was 2.7v (flat) so I put it in the iPod and let it charge....I charged to 4v as I measured it with the voltmeter again, yet the ipod is still stuck on 'Charging, Please Wait...'

I have put it in disk mode, tried 4 cables and 4 different releases and wattage of original Apple chargers, and the computer, the latter is what I used to charge both the old and new battery with, but nothing has worked.

I assume that even though you have pulled yours apart and had the same issue as I am, which I only pulled mine apart because of the stuck on charging issue, then there could be a bug in the model.


I would need to restore the iPod completely and that would work but it does not even connect to ITunes. Maybe it's the cable but it could also be an issue with the battery


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Have you tried a hard reset on the iPod?

1.) you're going to toggle the iPod "Hold" switch on then off.

2. ) next hold down [Menu]+[Select] "the center button"

The iPod should reboot and you'll see it booting back up with the Apple logo.

iTunes should automatically install the latest drivers for the device, if that doesn't help it may very well be a hardware issue while you were tinkering with it.

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And you say you bought the battery off Ebay? since it's new did you let it fully charge up?

And how would you know if the battery is even good? Wether the seller says it is or not off Ebay he could've sold you a bad one and ripped you off and still and said it was a good battery I'd buy the battery for a more reliable source than eBay really...


Yeah, I've tried to do a hard reset on the iPod, the screen just goes back to "Charging, please wait..." when it's connected to my computer and if the iPod is charging using the wall outlet, it remains the same and displays an Apple logo. I've given the iPod more than 6 hours to charge now and it turns off immediately after I unplug it from the wall or computer. I try to turn it back on and it doesn't turn on. Do you suspect that this is a battery-related issue then?


If it is the battery. Do you still have the old battery? If you do and it was working with the iPod, and you just replaced it because the battery was going bad, test it with the old and see if everything is connected properly and not damaged after the earlier repairs.


It may just be lose cables to the drive or whatever, so make sure everything is nice snug and fitted properly in their slots.


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