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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Highway malfunction, repair performed but not starting

Had an interesting experience on the highway yesterday. After a popping noise a repetative noise was heard like a belt flipping around. I pulled off and shut it down, I noticed that I had a massive loss of power.

Took off the valve cover to find one spark plug had backed all the way out of it's threads. A second was on its way out. I am guessing this happens when the people who install them don't torque them correctly. New plugs, new wire, new valve cover gasket, and new spark plug seals installed.

Now the engine cranks but won't turn over. It has gas. I hear the fuel pump running. What could be wrong here?

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Have you checked if the SparkPlugs are sparking? Maybe its the ignition coil (if it is not integrated in the cable) maybe it has to be removed.

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Is there a way to check if the sparks are going? Pull one out and watch it?


Yes, but please cover the sparkplug hole with ducttape or something else, because there could be some gas, which would catch fire.


That is actually a really good tip. Thank you. I will get back after the weekend and let you know whether or not I set myself on fire.


The coil was the culprit. Had a chain reaction here. Turns out, that an oil leak into the spark plug chamber lubricated the plug enough for the plug to back out. When the plug backed out it lost it's ground. Apparently, based on what I found online, this is a big enough issue to damage the coil. Got new seals to prevent the oil leak again and replaced the coil. It's running better than I have ever seen it run. Thanks for the help.


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Spark plugs don't back out ,who told you that ? The idiot installers didn't do the job correctly and half a--- it.

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That is really the only option. It could have been torqued down incorrectly. As soon as it came out it wasn't grounded and the coil blew. Threads perfectly in tact. Too much antiseize + hot oil who knows.


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