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Why wont my iPod stay on?

Yesterday I went to listen to my iPod and as soon as I selected as song it made a little high pitched "pew" noise and then went to the black and grey start up screen you see where the apple logo is grey before it turns white. As it was doing that the screen went all stringy and faded out, then it started up again and did the same until I locked it. Now when ever I plug it in it brings up the "please wait very low battery" with a little loading symbol below it. Then after awhile I guess it gets enough charge because it starts to turn on and then it makes the "pew" noise again and goes back to the "please wait very low battery". I have no idea what the problem is. Just got it a week ago and am hoping that it's not horribly broken.

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yimjabo, you list your device as a Classic. That would make it a 6th/7th gen. Some people erroneously list a 5th gen (Video) as a Classic. Those do use different parts. Can you please verify which iPod you have.

This can be caused by a bad battery. I definitely would start there.


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yimjabo, this can be caused by a bad battery. I definitely would start with replacing the battery first. Hope this helps, good luck.

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