What's the order of the fan wires?

Hey guys,

I switched my HDD for a SSD and on the step of removing the fan (it was not really necessary after all), i just pull too much on wires then they came without the plastic part that keep it togethers.

I'm looking all around but i can't find THE order i should put they back in? The closest i came to my answer if the upper cable should be first from the right then others follow in the same order.

I can't put a screenshot now but i will if it can help.

Since i removed my fan it is not working anymore. Every order i tried didn't work and i hope i did not broke something else.

Is it possible i do not push enough on wires when i insert them into the plastic component? They seems to be well insert but, i cannot know if i can't compare it to another fan.

Please guys, help me! :)

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